Deliberate, customizable offerings built around what you value most.


The only things worth paying for have to be knowable and important. If not, they’re wasting your money.

We offer a unique and customizable pricing structure. You can pay for what we know (how to develop financial frameworks and apply them given the context of the market) or what we do (taking a rules-based approach to managing your assets).

Knowable and Important Matrix

A broker’s value has evolved.

They can no longer leverage the informational edge and the analytical edge. Today, only discipline remains.


Choose from three customizable plans built to track with your career path.

First things come first.

Design a scalable strategy with offensive and defensive tactics.

What you count, counts.

Build a comprehensive solution focused on your “what and why” and reported in progress to goal.

You won; now it’s yours to lose.

Get the thinking and ideas based on expertise and experience that you require.


We build our offerings around what you value most. You can bundle or unbundle them at any time so that you’re only paying for what you want and need. In that way, you’re in control.

Context of the Market

What you count counts.

Dynamic Asset-Level Investing

Rank Market Field Position and Leadership

Systematic Ways to Play Offense and Defense

  • Cash bogey test
  • Money market percentile rank
  • SPX vs. money market

Asset Scoring — Stocks/Funds

  • Trend analysis
  • Peer-relative strength
  • Market-relative strength

People and Strategy

Not better plans, better frameworks.

Get a Risk Profile

  • Define your risk vs. reward thresholds

Get a Plan

  • Measure your lifestyle expectation vs. market results

Get a Framework Strategy

  • Company stock asset score
  • 401(k) holding matrix asset score
  • Financial planning
  • Risk allocation statement
  • Company stock monetization strategy
  • One-page plan
  • Life insurance strategy
  • Property and casualty insurance strategy
  • Tax strategy
  • Legal strategy
  • Liquidity strategy
  • Lending strategy

Get a Goal — Define Success

  • Define your key performance indicators (KPIs)

Get a Dashboard

  • Report and track progress to goal regularly
  • Report and track successes and failures, including what was learned

Execution and Results

What got you here won’t get you there.

Executive Benefit Analysis

Company Stock Analysis Daily — Alert if Status Change

  • Company stock asset scoring
  • Restricted stock units (RSU)
  • Incentive stock options (NQSO and QSO)

Executive Retirement Plan

  • 401(k) plan holdings stack ranked monthly
  • Executive deferred compensation

Asset Management and Reporting

  • Technical “stress test” of current holdings
  • DIY advisory account
  • PFO tactical “TILT” asset management
  • PFO balanced asset management
  • PFO sector stock asset management
  • PFO “core” asset management
  • PFO ETF alchemy

Review and Reporting — Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly Financial Account Aggregator

Financial Account Aggregator

  • Bank, Brokerage, Mortgage, Lending, Credit Card, etc.

Tax/Legal Document Vault

Home Office Visit

  • RJ St. Petersburg, Florida, home office visit
  • PFO Crested Butte, Colorado, home office visit
  • PFO Plano, Texas, home office visit

For a complete list of fees and available services, please consult the most current Form ADV (Part 2A) and the Client Services Agreement that you may obtain from your Advisor.

Every investor’s situation is unique, and you should consider your investment goals, risk tolerance and time horizon before making any investment. Investing involves risk, and you may incur a profit or loss regardless of strategy selected. 


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